Prof. George Kaptay
Nano-Calphad: thermodynamics of nano-materials
by prof. dr. George Kaptay
Tuesday / 10 July, 2018 15:00-17:30

The Calphad method is a well-established way to collect, assess and present thermodynamic information on materials systems, including their phase diagrams. The original Calphad method does not include any surface term, as it is negligible for macroscopic phases. As nanotechnology is being constantly developed, it is an urgent need to extend the Calphad method to nano-materials. This extended method can be called “nano-Calphad”. A surprisingly large number of details have been revealed in which nano-Calphad is different from the Calphad method. The present tutorial is a short collection of our results from the last decade on the development of the nano-Calphad method.