Wednesday / 11 July, 2018 16:45-19:00

Bernard Rickinson
Chair: Bernard Rickinson
The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, London, United Kingdom


Within the next Framework research programme, it is fully expected that any materials activities will need to be strongly related to those challenges that European society currently faces. The overriding emphasis will make it easier for European citizens to see research activity as relevant to their own lives and, importantly, groups of projects will need to be aligned towards the achievement of major ‘Mission’ for the European community as a whole.

Previously attempts have been made to understand what materials projects might be included within such an overarching programme but Fems feels that the views of young researchers are critical to the development of this consultation process.

Workshop session

A short workshop is planned for Wednesday 11 July. We require the help of up to 20 Junior Euromat delegates who can support this development, preferably from different countries and with a range of different materials interests. The workshop will encourage your own views on materials topics for:

    • Health, Demographic Change and Well Being
    • And Transformation to a sustainable society.