FEMS Junior EUROMAT 2018 Awardees

FEMS Oral Presentation Awards - Sponsored by Taylor & Francis

1st place: 150 GBP voucher
Anna Wildeis (Germany): Consideration of the impact of residual stress on the short crack growth behavior in martensitic steels 

2nd place: 100 GBP voucher
Olivier Andreau (France): Microstructure and texture control Of 316L stainless steel parts

3rd place: 100 GBP voucher
Ioannis Theodorokakos (Greece): Laser printing of silver nanoparticle inks: simulation and high speed visualization of the jet dynamics

Poster Awards - Sponsored by FEMS

1st place: 500 EUR
Saša Kovačić (Croatia): Application of surface engineering to reduce tool wear

2nd place: 300 EUR
Mahaa M. Ahmed (USA): Adsorbents for arsenic removal from drinking water

3rd place: 200 EUR
Samuel A. J. Armson (UK): Investigation of the microstructure of autoclave-formed zirconium oxide via top-down EBSD

Highly recommended: 200 EUR
Tamás Zagyva (Hungary): Characterization of electrosprayed nanohydroxyapatite coatings on Si3N4 ceramic

FEMS European Master Thesis Award

1st place
Beatriz J. Coelho (Portugal): A digital microfluidics platform for loop-mediated isothermal amplification of DNA

2nd place
Manuel Alonso Orts (Spain): Synthesis and characterization of complex semiconducting oxide nanostructures

3rd place
Flore Villaret (France): 2D grain growth modeling in ODS steel with different full field approaches

FEMS Commication Award for Excellence in MSE for 2019

Thomas Duguet (France): Toward the modeling of the surface treatment of composite components for satellites: the case study of the metallization of waveguides

Congratulations to all Awardees!